About Us


As I started getting to 60, I started noticing dramatic signs of aging and I started trying everything.

One day fate was on my side. During my routine hair and makeup session, I met a make-up artist named Maria, visiting from Spain. Her skin was smooth and beautiful without foundation.

I asked what was her secret. She revealed that women in her town women hardly wore makeup because they didn’t need it.

That day, Maria shared her skincare secret and I had to try it for myself. After seeing the results, I realized I could help more women in South Africa feel more comfortable in their own skin and that’s exactly what I did.

So I went off and decided to import that secret skincare formula into South Africa. The line is called NOCHE SKINCARE, and it's just set the bar for embracing natural beauty.


Ava-Ann, founder of Noche Y Dia Skincare.